and I- I took the road less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

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i wanna KISS YOU and you’re NOT HERE

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if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

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people that don’t put cases on their iPhones have the kind of confidence that I need

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Being alive is getting really expensive

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People who say sadness doesn’t hurt physically apparently never experienced feeling so sad. I’ve felt it in my legs, my jaw, my head, my quivering lips, aching eyes, and my aching chest. It hurts my chest the most because it literally feels like your heart is in pain.

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do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming

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"Depression is such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes, no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern. Just the slow erosion of the self, as insidious as any cancer. And, like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience. A room in hell with only your name on the door."

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i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

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*snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

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